Portrait Calendar Parties...




















Heard the buzz about the unique Portrait Calendar Parties from Lindsey McIntyre Photography? Find out what all the fun is for yourself!
Gather a group of friends (your lunch bunch, your kids' friends from school, your kids' sports or dance groups, your poker or bunko buddies, your neighbors, your work colleagues, etc.), come up with a theme for each month of the year (or choose from our suggestions), gather props and outfits for each month, and enjoy a portrait shoot for each month! After your shoot, we'll create custom calendars


Do it for a fundraiser (we are happy to offer bulk pricing for large calendar orders)


Do it as a fun keepsake for yourself or as a gift to look at month after month.
Best of all, when the year is over, you'll have twelve prints to frame!



We love to do portrait parties for birthdays or as fundraisers.
As few as two people, as many as 25! A great chance to get together, dress up, have food and drinks, and even act a little silly if you'd like!