Our Portrait Parties...

Our Portrait Parties are a huge hit with families and friends. With a portrait party, you're not only able to gather your family and friends for a fun afternoon of portrait creations, but also get a remarkable discount off of what our custom studio portraits run. By gathering 8-12 sets of families or friends, the host / hostess will receive not only a complementary sitting from LMP, but also a credit of 5% of each guest's order to use toward her own prints. Simply invite your family and friends to your home or a neutral location that lends itself toward shooting (park, lake, etc....must be approved for quality shooting by LMP), provide snacks and entertainment for your guests, and take care of the eight simple steps detailed below:

As host / hostess, you'll need to:

1. Organize sets of friends for 8-12 sittings, one to four people per sitting.  (More than four will need to schedule a private sitting at the studio.)  Must have the minimum of 8 sets attend party or host's print credit is reduced by 5% for each missing set of guests.

2. Decide with your guests what background you'd like to use. The Portrait Party will consist of one background for the entire party. Please select from: black, tan, white, red damask, pink petals (great for little girly parties!), chocolate brown suede, or outdoor.

3.  Email our informational form:

to each of your guests, and instruct them to fill it out and submit it to us prior to the sitting date.  Please have them be sure to mention your name and the portrait party in 'How did you hear about us' section.  Please be sure to fill it out yourself as well.

4.  Pre-party date, email LMP with schedule of which family will be coming at each time slot.

5.  At party, host guests in your home or outdoor location with light refreshments, and with two completely separate areas:  one for LMP to set up shop, another for your guests to wait / play. To ensure quality, relaxed portraits, it is essential to have plenty of room for both areas.

6.  At party, collect $38.00 sitting fee from each set of guests, payable to Lindsey McIntyre Photography, and have each guest sign the release forms that we'll provide for you the day of the shoot.

7.  At party, have each guest 'on deck' ready to follow the prior sitting, keeping track of time and sittings schedule.

8.  Post-party, you're finished!  We'll take care of fulfilling orders and shipping, and we'll email each guest directly with their proofsite information.


Sitting fee of $38. per sitting includes sitting time of up to 20 minutes with one outfit / one backdrop, editing through images, webposting of images, and travel and set-up.


As hostess, you'll receive a complementary 30-minute sitting prior to your friends' sittings, and a print credit of 5% of each order placed with us, with no credit limit, applicable toward prints, retouching, conversions, finish upgrades, custom mounting, mini albums, DVD slideshows, and holiday card design.

Web proofing will be posted within two weeks of session, and will be posted for three weeks.  All of your guests' orders must be placed before this three-week period ends in order for you as hostess to receive their credits.  You will have an additional three-day window to place your order, as we'll email you with your print credit total the morning following the last day of the three-week period.