When asked what item parents would grab from a burning house, unquestionably the answer for the large majority are their family photos and portraits of their children. As a mother of two myself, I know how very precious each stage in my children's development has been to me and how important it was for me to capture all the memories of each step along the way.

With our 'Watch Me Grow' Portrait program, we capture all the adorable faces and quirky expressions your baby develops throughout her first year of life with five portrait sessions at the studio throughout the year. Beginning at birth, we do sweet sleeping portraits within the first few weeks of your child's entry into the world, capturing her tiny toes, ears, hands, and nose. Then, at age three months, we again photograph your baby with all of her newly-found expressions. At six months, as your child is learning to sit up on her own, push up on her arms, and laughing away, we do your third portrait session for the first year. Again at nine months, as your child begins to stand on her own and her expressions have changed even more, we capture this stage in her life. And finally, nearing her first birthday, we'll document how much she's changed throughout her first year with her last portrait session for the first year. We'll even come out to your child's first birthday party to capture the fun on her big day!

After all, your baby will only be this precious age once, and we want to help you to capture every beautifully-amazing expression along the way.




"Watch Me Grow" Infant and Children Portraits...