Some Quick Thoughts on Wedding Photography Pricing...
Our philosophy on pricing is this... we don't try to compete with other photographers by setting our prices lower. Instead, we try to compete by setting our quality as high as possible. We believe that although we've all been trained to seek out the bargains, a wedding is one time in life when you should feel free to go against that training and seek out the absolute best instead.
Here's a test to see if you agree.... does your wedding ring have a real diamond or a Cubic Zirconium stone? Our goal is to produce outstanding images that both LMP and you will be delighted to display on our walls and in our albums. We strive to be creative with each of our images and always on the cutting edge of new technology in the photographic world. We like to get back from every single wedding we do with a set of images that are different and more beautiful than anything we've ever done before. If you agree that those are important values, then we would love to work with you.

Why is photography so expensive?
It’s true that you will invest a good portion of your budget to get good photography. To put it in perspective with your other wedding expenses, photography generally will account for roughly 15-20% of your total wedding budget. That money seems well spent when you consider that, other than your rings and maybe your
wedding gown, your photographs are the only tangible thing you will be able to keep as a visual reminder of your wedding in the years to come. If you've ever looked through old albums of pictures from your childhood, you may realize that the memories you have of your childhood are actually somehow tied to the pictures. For example, you probably have many pictures where you can't remember anything else that happened during that day or even that month, but because you've looked at that picture many times over the years, the events immediately surrounding it are somehow burned into your memory. I can't explain how it works, but I do believe that photographs help us to store memories in a way that makes them last for the rest of our lives.
Because photography is so important to most of our clients, we have many couples who choose to 'skimp' in other areas of their wedding in order to be able to properly invest in quality photography from a photographer they know they'll love to work with. We also have couples ask for gift certificates to LMP from family and friends so that, instead of receiving another fondue pot, they canput this money toward the photography of their dreams.




The different prices each photographer charges are usually indicative of the geographic location and the experience and or the quality of work each photographer can produce. However, more experience does not always indicate a higher quality and there are thousands of photographers out there that have been working for 20 years or more and are still producing mediocre results that cannot begin to compete with the artistic quality of some of their less-experienced peers.
LMP’s photographic service prices are in the same range as quality photographers in the Atlanta market.
The simple truth is this...Photography is like everything else in this world... You get what you pay for!
Keep in mind that, in commissioning the srtistic services of LMP, you aren't paying for simply our shoot time and your prints. We spend countless hours with each wedding after the big day creating beautifully-retouched, artistically-designed prints and albums. In addition, our wedding photography is priced around our high-quality equipment and products as well as our experience. In addition, we pride ourselves on our fine-quality materials that make up all of our presentations. We will not use cheap materials that will easily damage or fall apart. We put a great deal of attention and pride into our work and wish to provide you with albums, prints, and framing that you will be proud to show off to your friends and family for many years to come!



At LMP, we offer a-la-carte pricing as our main option for wedding packaging, with which you have the option to mix and match to create a unique package to perfectly suit your individual needs. In creating your package, please be sure to include the basics first (hourly coverage and proofing style), as well as your preferred album style and any additional elements you’d like.

----Hourly Coverage----
Our ‘hourly coverage’ is, essentially, our base fee with which to start your package. It includes the actual shooting coverage of your event, local travel and set-up at one location, an assistant for larger weddings, and general editing through images. Coverage begins after set-up from the time we begin to shoot.
The hourly coverage right for you depends upon the size of your wedding and which memories you wish to have included in your album and loose prints.
Please keep in mind any time you may wish for: getting ready shots, pre-ceremony formal shots, ceremony, post-ceremony formal shots (with family, bridal party, and the bride/groom alone), and reception shots (including arrival, cake, garter/bouquet, dances, toasts, and send-off).
Please add $10. per mile for multiple locations.
Up to 1 hour: $300.
Up to 2 hours: $500.
Up to 3 hours: $600.
Up to 4 hours: $700.
Up to 5 hours: $800.
Up to 6 hours: $900.
Up to 7 hours: $1000.
Up to 8 hours: $1100.
Unlimited all-day coverage up to 3 locations within 10-mile radius: $2200.
----The Bridal Portrait----
You’ve spent months picking out the perfect dress, thinking of exactly how you’ll wear your hair with it, and what jewelry would suit it best. With a separate bridal portrait prior to the big day, you’re able to calmly sit for a portrait without the pressures of the wedding or of your guests seeing you in your gown before the ceremony, in addition to being able to have a trial run of your hair and make-up at the same time. Chances are, your mother had one, your sister had one, and your grandmother did, too: the bridal portrait is a long-standing tradition. On the same note, today’s bridal portraits can be all but traditional in style. At LMP, we love to create not only the traditional-style bridal portraits that are elegant, timeless, and classic,
but also our sophisticated editorial-style studio portraits which we set up and light as we do with our models to make you look like you’ve come straight out of a magazine.
(Includes indoor or outdoor studio sitting, editing through your images, web proofing of images, retouching and conversions on your printed images, and a print credit toward your Bridal Portrait prints of $100.)
Your bridal portraits can be included into your wedding album at no extra charge.
Get your bridal portraits on disc for an additional $300.
Let us create a beautifully-sentimental framed wall print of your favorite bridal portrait
for yourself, your spouse-to-be, or your parents or grandparents…

----The Engagement Portrait----
Let us capture your proposal…a once-in-a-lifetime moment! Or, let us re-create your proposal or photograph you in one of your favorite romantic spots. Our fine-art black & white studio portraits are always a favorite. Or, if you prefer an outdoor portrait, come to our outdoor studio or one of the local resorts The Engagement Portrait is a chance to sit down with your fiancée for a casual, fun portrait. Engagement Portraits are great for our for save-the-date cards, our wallet print favors with weblink information, newspaper announcements, or even for your wedding invitations…let us capture your love at this precious time while you rejoice in the excitement of your upcoming wedding.
(Includes indoor or outdoor studio sitting, editing through your images, web proofing of images, retouching and conversions on your printed images, and a print credit toward your Engagement Portrait prints of $100.)
Your engagement portraits can be included into your wedding album at no extra charge.
Get your engagement portraits on printable disc for an additional $300.
Engagement Portraits are the perfect display for your guests in our custom signature mats.

--- Projection Slideshow ---
Using the best images from your bridal and / or engagement portraits, we create a fun slideshow to project at your reception, with our own projector and screen system.
Add your own images to your slideshow…
($10. per digital image on disc, $15. per print needing to be scanned.)
DVD of completed slideshow to take home with you on your wedding day…
Completed DVD as a favor for each of your guests…
($110. initial compilation,+ $7. per guest., includes photo print on disc face and jewel case.)

---Photo Save-the-dates---
Using photos from your engagement portraits, we custom-design a special save-the-date card for each of your guests.
Add local information, lodging information, maps, attire information, etc.
along with photos from your engagement session at no extra charge.
Three design areas on the folded cards, two design areas on the flat glossy.
All cards are professionally-run on print systems specifically designed to showcase your photographs.
5x7 Folded linen-pressed finish on cardstock, including design and envelopes ($84. Per set of 24)
5.5x8.5 Flat glossy two-sided cardstock, including design and envelopes ($115. Per set of 50)

----Photo Thank You Cards----
Thank your guests in style for sharing in your special day. With our photo thank you cards, we select the best images from your wedding day to combine with your words of thanks to your guests. We are also happy to include your weblink information for your guests to view and order images from your wedding.
General turn-around time for thank you cards is two weeks from wedding day.
5x7 folded card with elegant pressed linen finish. Includes design and envelopes.
($84. for the first set of 23, $45. per set of 24 thereafter)
---- Proofing of images ----
Many of our clients prefer to order both the print proof set (to have a hard copy to flip through and also to keep) in addition to our web proofing (where, in addition to being able to view your images and make your own selections, your friends and family are able to view, email, and purchase prints for themselves directly off the site). To view some of our web proofed weddings, please visit:

----Our Printed Proofs Set ----
Our print proofs are printed as 4x6s on high-quality lustre paper at our professional lab. Please note the difference between our loose print 4x6s and our print proofs is in the finishing: We carefully adjust, crop, and retouch our loose prints, while the proof sets are raw images straight from camera to paper, meant as hardcopies for previewing your images. Also, please note that our print proofs may display our watermarked logo in the lower right-hand corner.
($105. per coverage hour / set)
Upgrade to 4x6 prints with no watermarking. Great as gifts, for scrap booking, companion albums, etc.
(Add $75. /set)
Upgraded print proof set with beautiful Cypress Japanese silk-wrapped keepsake box. (Add 30% / set)

----Digital Proofing----
~Web Posting. We post your images to your own proofsite and give you the link to send to your family and friends where all can view, email their favorites, and order prints directly off the site.
Slideshow preview no extra charge. Color, black-and-white, and sepia previews no extra charge. Private, password protected site no extra charge.
Nine month site included. Can be reposted for an additional nine months for additional ($30.)
~Wallet print favors with your weblink information on the back to have out for your guests at your reception (using images from your bridal or engagement portraits) or to put in your thank you cards (using an image from your wedding). ($30. per set of 25)



----Our Digitally-Designed Albums----
Our Digital Albums are our signature. The latest in image presentation, our albums are perfect for truly telling the story of your wedding day and preserving your special memories. With our magazine-style designed albums, no matting is required of the images. Instead, we are able to incorporate as many as 50 images per two-page spread with backgrounds (of images like your flowers, your venue, your rings, etc.) and colors drawn from the images themselves. We custom design each album with your individual photographs in mind,
using our artistic expertise to make your album a truly unique work of art.
Image numbers within the books are determined based on
what graphically and artistically works best for each page spread set in addition to
which images best tell the story of your special day. Image numbers increase with the number of pages in the album.
Although (as we’re proud to note) we are rarely asked to make changes to our design, we are glad to offer you up to three included photo swaps or changes with your design, and you may continue to change your design after that until your heart’s content at $15. per swap and $60. per spread redesign.
Our nearly-seamless flushmount leather album has a tiny crease in the middle of the page, and the book lays flat when open. These books are beautifully hand-crafted of the finest leather in your choice of colors, sizes, and styles with a very upscale look. Each of the archival pages are made of hard art board with black gilded edges to resist wear and tear over the years. Our digital albums can also be engraved with your names and wedding date as well as embossed with your favorite image on the cover at no extra charge to you. Also included is a soft ‘pillow’ protective cover to protect your beautiful investment.
Our one-of-a-kind digitally-designed albums are an extremely impressive presentation of your most treasured images.
We offer our digital albums in a tier of design and retouching options…
Design Level One:
An elegant, simplistic design. This is our most basic of design and retouching levels…Your choice of black backgrounds with white image borders throughout in a simple layout, white backgrounds with no borders throughout in a simple layout, or one full image per page. No overlapping of images. Up to four images per page, based on design. Some minimal retouching of any major skin blemishes, stray objects in background.
Design Level Two:
With the second level of design, we begin to introduce hand-colored images , and we also begin to integrate more graphic elements and artistic effects. 10 sides will have our full design with background images, text option, etc., and the other 10 sides will have one to three images per page with black or white backgrounds, as with design level one.
Design Level Three:
With the third level of design, we integrate all elements of level two
in addition to special effects such as soft-focusing, skin softening, and fogs,
as well as the addition of being an album full of background images, text,
and a more-intensive level of retouching throughout.
10 spread minimum. 45 spread maximum.

Design Level 1: $68. Per spread
Design Level 2: $73. Per spread
Design Level 3: $78. Per spread
Design Level 1: $70. Per spread
Design Level 2: $76. Per spread
Design Level 3: $82. Per spread
Design Level 1: $72. Per spread
Design Level 2: $80. Per spread
Design Level 3: $88. Per spread
Design Level 1: $74. Per spread
Design Level 2: $82. Per spread
Design Level 3: $90. Per spread
----Mini Albums----
Great as a cute keepsake for the bride to tuck into her purse, as a tiny coffee table book, or as a treasurable gift for family, friends, and attendants…
3x3, 10-side black leather wallet album ($65.)
($230. for a set of six duplicate books)
3x2, 10-side black leather wallet album ($55.)
($215. for a set of six duplicate books)

----Traditional Leather Albums----
Our traditional leather-bound albums are beautifully matted in black, including one image/print per page, retouching and conversions to black and white, sepia, hand coloring, and soft focus. Perfect for parent albums or as a companion to your digitally-designed album.
4x6 20-page $250.
4x6 30-page $325.
5x7 20-page: $350.
5x7 30-page: $450.
8x10 20-page: $595.
8x10 30-page: $655.
----Our Matted Traditional Silk-Bound Albums----
Our matted traditional albums are individually created by hand by the artisans at Cypress Fine Handmade Albums. Each album is bound in your choice of 15 Japanese bookbinding silks. Exquisite Swiss ribbons are used to bind these albums and accent presentation boxes.
Each album comes with a beautiful complimentary presentation box to house and protect your investment.
These albums and coordinating presentation boxes are dramatically-elegant, artistic presentations of your most cherished memories. Simply gorgeous.
Each image for the Cypress Collection album is retouched and artistically refined to best-present the image (in color, black-and-white, sepia, hand-coloring, and artistic effects).
We invite you to view more information from the Cypress Fine Handmade Albums website at:
The Cypress Collection Album
Large, 20-side album with Presentation Box
Medium, 20-side album with Presentation Box
Small, 20-side album with Presentation Box
Cypress Album Additions
Cover image: $55.
Additional pages: $45. per page
Over 50 sides: add $ 55. for additional binding
One-line imprinting: $35.
----DVD Slideshow----
A tear-jerking video montage-style presentation of all your best images set to music viewable on any standard DVD player. Excellent as a keepsake as well as to show at parties and showers, or as a special gift. ($170.)
Additional duplicate DVDs ($30. Each)

----Printable Disc of Images----
We do offer a High-resolution, printable disc of images with no watermarking
for your own archiving and printing purposes. Letter of consent to print copyrighted work included.
With purchase of an album: $850.
Without purchase of an album: $1050.

----Guest Portraits----
During your reception, we set up an area to create a beautiful portrait of each of your groups of guests (as a couple, as a family, etc.). Then, after your wedding, we send you a 5x7 print of each group guest portrait. Great for sending out with your thank you notes as a special gift for your guests. ($5. Per invited guest.)

----The Signature Mat----
Our well-wish signing boards (typically called signature mats) are a beautiful keepsake to display in your home in remembrance of your special day. Using an image from your engagement portraits or bridal portraits, our signing boards include signature-quality premium double matting in gallery style around a retouched print of your choice. We then frame the matted image in your choice of custom framing.
An impressive display of yourselves at your wedding and a unique, beautiful piece of art to hang in your home.
Best of all, we bring the easel for display, the archival art pens (that will not bleed or fade over time), as well as the framed print. We display the image for signing with our sign designating its purpose, and we then disassemble it and take it back to the studio with us for assembling with glass, wiring for hanging, and papering the back to prevent dust and damage from touching your treasured keepsake.
You needn’t worry about dealing with it any step of the way.
Depending on the custom framing you wish, signature mat prices will vary. We will gladly provide you with a quote for the size and style of signature mat you prefer; in the meantime,
please use the guidelines below as a rough estimate…
5x7 print matted in 11x14 frame: starting at $85.
8x12 print matted in a 16x20 frame: starting at $125.
8x12 print matted in a 20x20 frame: starting at $200.
10x10 print matted in a 20x20 frame: starting at $350.
11x14 print matted in a 20x20 frame: starting at $400.
11x14 print matted in a 20x24 frame: starting at $425.
16x20 print matted in a 24x24 frame: starting at $525.
16x20 print matted in a 24x30 frame: starting at $600.

----Custom Framing----
We invite you to come in to our gallery to view our wide array of frame and mat corners to let us put together a piece of art to hang on your wall that suites your home and your tastes! Our frames are beautifully hand-constructed by a top framing company in Atlanta of highest-grade impressive materials. Frame sizes/styles can be built into your package where we shoot some of our images during the wedding with your wall print specifically in mind, or we can determine the best print and frame for your walls following the wedding, Instead of hanging a meaningless, generic display in your home, let us create for you an investment in a truly precious piece of fine art that can be passed down from generation to generation.
Custom framing ranging from $50 to $2500 depending on size and style preferences.

----Loose Prints----
Our loose prints are available for purchase up to two years beyond your wedding date. All prints 8x10 and larger include custom mounting. All prints 5x7 and larger include basic retouching.
Elegant pressed linen finish is available for an additional 20%.
Handcoloring, please email for a quote.
Intense retouching, please email for a quote.
3.5x5 $6.50
4x6 $6.00
5x7 $16.00
8x8 $22.00
8x10 $23.00
8x12 $24.00
10x10 $35.00
12x12 $45.00
11x14 $50.00
10x20 $95.00
16x20 $85.00
16x24 $105.00
20x20 $155.00
20x24 $175.00
24x24 $225.00
24x30 $255.00
24x36 $285.00
30x40 $300.00
Wallet prints $20. for a set of 20.
Minimum print order $22.00.
High-quality canvas prints stretched on stretcher bars available at an additional 60%.
----Package Deals----
We are happy to offer discounted package deals, which include complementary elements when booked as a whole.
While no substitutions are permitted, you are welcome to add elements to the package.

Package One…
~Up to one hour of wedding-day coverage
~Webproofing of images for nine months
~20-page 8x10 traditional leather album, 20 8x10 images
~Set of 24 Photo thank-you cards
~Local Travel and Set-up, one location
~Editing through images

Package Two…
~Up to two hours of wedding-day coverage
~Webproofing of images for nine months
~30-page 8x10 traditional leather album, 30 8x10 images
~One DVD slideshow of your best images set to music
~Set of 24 Photo thank-you cards
~Local Travel and Set-up, one location
~Editing through images

Package Three…
~Studio engagement portrait
~Up to three hours of wedding-day coverage
~Webproofing of images for nine months
~30-page 8x10 traditional leather album, 30 8x10 images
~One DVD slideshow of your best images set to music
~Set of 48 Photo thank-you cards
~Local Travel and Set-up, one location
~Editing through images

Package Four…
~Studio engagement portrait
~Studio bridal portrait
~Up to five hours of wedding-day coverage
~Webproofing of images for nine months
~30-page 8x10 traditional leather album, 30 8x10 images
~Two DVD slideshows of your best images set to music
~Set of 48 Photo thank-you cards
~One 3x3 mini album, 10 sides
~Local Travel and Set-up, one location
~Editing through images

Package Five…
~Studio engagement portrait
~Studio bridal portrait
~Projection slideshow Of BP’s and EP’s at reception, plus take-home DVD of slideshow
~Up to six hours of wedding-day coverage
~Webproofing of images for nine months
~Large silk-bound Cypress Collection album, 20 sides, up to 32 images,
one line imprint, photo embossed cover, and matching presentation box
~Two DVD slideshows of your best images set to music
~Set of 48 Photo thank-you cards
~One 3x3 mini album, 10 sides
~Printable disc of images
~Local Travel and Set-up, one location
~Editing through images
We will gladly add nearly anything your hearts may desire to your package. Don’t see something here that you require? Just let us know. We’ll be happy to quote you a price.
In keeping with the market, our pricing and packaging updates periodically.
Any elements added to your package at a later date will be priced at the current pricing for that date.
Pricing on these pages effective 10 March 2008.

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