A Few Things to Consider When Planning Your Wedding Photography...
Set Your Priorities
It never ceases to amaze me that in the search for a professional wedding photographer, very often decisions are made on the basis of price. If there was only one piece of advice I could give brides and grooms seeking photography, it would be to put price lower on your priority list. What you should be looking for in a professional wedding photographer is...
(1) the personality of the photographer, then (2) skill and style of the photography, and then lastly, (3) price.

I put personality first because nobody will follow you through your wedding day more closely than a good wedding photographer – it is essential that you are able to enjoy your time with this person. The last thing you want is a bad experience tainting your wedding day. I think this should be the number one consideration because it won't matter if your photographer is the best in the world if they act inappropriately or are rude to you and your guests on your one and only wedding day. At LMP, we pride ourselves on our non-invasive photography style as well as our relationships with our clients. (Please see our past clients' comments below.)
I put skill second because your photographer must have the ability to capture this one day in a way that you will enjoy viewing for the rest of your life. No matter how small or large your wedding might be, you will remember almost nothing about it afterwards, it will be a haze in your memory and the only reminder of your wedding will be the images captured by your photographer. LMP shoots with state-of-the-art equipment and produces high-quality, lasting albums, prints, and frames. As a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, The Georgia Professional Photographers Association, and The Professional Photographers of America organization, we believe strongly in providing high-quality, trustworthy, exemplary art and services.
Thirdly, price should certainly figure into your selection. While it is certainly true in photography as in any realm of life, "you get what you pay for," it is also possible in photography to pay too much for photography that may not meet your expectations of quality. At LMP, we believe in providing top-quality service at a fair and ethical price.

A Few Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning Your Wedding Photography...
1. One of the most important things to look for in your wedding photographer is quality and consistency of work. At Lindsey McIntyre Photography, we shoot with state-of-the-art digital cameras and equipment. Our high-quality lustre prints are created at a professional lab. If you plan to keep your wedding album and prints for your children and grandchildren to view (a wonderful heirloom), we encourage you to take this point into consideration...quality and deterioration issues are two of the things that set high-quality professional printing apart.
2. The biggest mistake brides often make is to call several photographers to ask the prices of their wedding photography packages without looking at a single photograph. It would be in your best interest to do your homework and set an appointment to speak with him or her and to see their work. This is one of the most important decisions you make in planning your wedding. After all, after the ceremony is over and the cake is cut, you walk away with your wedding rings and your warm memories preserved in photographs! Be sure they are the style, quality, and look you want, as it will be very difficult to re-create your wedding day if you aren't satisfied.






3. Another important consideration is credentials. Does your photographer belong to any professional associations?  LMP belongs to top industry organizations such as GPPA (the Georgia Professional Photographers Association) as well as the national PPA (Professional Photographers of America): the most highly-acclaimed photographers' association world-wide. GPPA and PPA both hold extremely high standards for their photographers in regards to quality, professionalism, ethics, training, education, artistry, and workmanship.
In addition, we proudly provide our link to the BBB (Better Business Bureau), who provides records of complaints and promotes good business, as we have an impeccable reputation: http://www.atlantabbb.org/commonreport.html?compid=11003642.

4. Be sure your photographer brings back-up equipment. LMP always comes equipped with high-quality back-up cameras, flashes, lenses, etc. With equipment that is bagged, dragged, and lugged to every event, there is always the chance of problems with malfunctions. We always prepare ourselves for such an event with back-up equipment. Also, at LMP, Lindsey generally shoots with an assistant depending on the size of the wedding. With our assistant to keep everything in order, Lindsey is able to focus solely on creating your wedding photos.
3. Whose work will you be getting? At LMP, owner Lindsey S McIntyre first books herself for events, and then, with double-booked dates, she reserves one of her carefully-chosen subcontracted photographers for subsequent bookings. Lindsey hand-selects each photographer she hires to shoot weddings and events through LMP, looking not only for top quality, professionalism, and dependability, but also for photographers with a similar shooting-style and personality as her own, so that each wedding, whether photographed by Lindsey, Jane, Brooke, etc., is exceptionally well-photographed.

4. Does your photographer have a back-up plan in the event that circumstances prevent him or her from photographing your wedding? In life, obstacles like illness, auto accidents, injuries, etc. may prevent your photographer from making it to your event. With LMP, you can rest assured that, while we have been fortunate to be present and on-time at every event we have booked, we do prepare ourselves with resources that are ready and available to shoot your wedding in the rare event that circumstances prevent us from being there. With our tight-knit group of GPPA photographers, we choose only photographers with our same quality and style as to best replicate the services you would be getting from Lindsey or one of her subcontracted photographers. Best of all, your album and prints will still be edited, retouched, and
artistically designed by LMP to give you the same beautiful work you commissioned.
5. Do you prefer traditional photography, fine art artistic photography, photojournalistic photography, or a mix of styles? Do you prefer color, black-and-white, sepia, hand-coloring, soft focus, or other special effects? At LMP, because we shoot completely digitally, we are able to provide nearly any effect conceivable. With our cameras that provide more than twice the quality of 35mm film, we produce very sharp prints with very vivid color. We invite you to book a studio consultation to see each of the above styles in print.
6. How do I determine my budget for photography? At LMP, we gladly offer an a la carte pricing option where you're able to tailor a package to suit your own specific desires. While every wedding is unique, most couples typically plan their wedding photography to be about 15-20% of their total wedding budget. But, of course, each couple is unique and your budget for each part of your wedding should be determined by what value you place on that aspect. Is photography high or low on your list of importance when it comes to your wedding? Also to consider in arranging your budget: would you prefer to have a friend as your coordinator or DJ and to apply that money toward your photography? For more information on pricing, please see our 'Thoughts on Pricing' page...
6. Is your photographer's personality compatible with your own? After all, you will be working with your photographer before, during, and after your wedding day. Does he or she take special care in regards to your wishes for your photography? LMP prides itself on the special attention we're able to give our customers. For Lindsey, photography is an extremely rewarding profession because she is able to work directly with people, helping them to realize and then to preserve the warm memories of their lives. At LMP, we will do all we can to make your wedding photography capture your event in the way you wish it to look. We try to get to know our clients well enough to be able to see the event through their eyes and to then apply a trained and artistic light. This is what makes us unique and sets us apart from many photographers who view wedding photography as simply a 'job' to pay the bills.
7. How far in advance do I need to book my photographer? At LMP, we do book up quickly. Some months are more popular than others. April-June and September-November are generally the busiest months for photographers and are booked about a year in advance. Please be sure to contact us as soon as you know you'd like to book your date by contacting us at the above ‘Contact LMP’ link
before someone else gets your date!
8. What are other people saying about the services they've acquired from your photographer? We pride ourselves on our reviews from past clients. Each year, we send a questionnaire to our clients from the annum asking them to provide their opinions on the photography services they acquired from LMP. Below is a sampling of what they’ve told us…
"Lindsey, Jeremi and I wanted to express our thanks for all of your work to make our pictures so incredible. We truly believe that you went above and beyond to make our pictures exceed our expectations. We are so glad we chose to work with you and I hope we get a chance to let you capture our memories in the future. Thanks again,
Melissa and Jeremi"
"She cared, and treated us like people. Lindsey also listened to us and built the photos around who we are. She also made several trips to see us, and made sure everything was perfect. The photography was amazing, every time we show our album, people practically drool on it.
It makes our wedding that much more special."
--Rhonda and Josh
"Lindsey has a remarkable ability to capture the true essence of the moment. My husband and I were 100% satisfied with Lindsey's work.
It was truly a pleasure to work with her."
--Wendy and Aaron
"Lindsey did a great job with the posed pictures and the random pictures. The picture album and picture CD's were perfect. We loved the impromptu pictures of the wedding."
--Suzanne and Eric
"Lindsey, you were great! We love our photos. The photos are so unique! Very non-invasive to work with. Not a lot of posing, etc."
--Bobbi and Stephen
"I had a great experience with LMP. The quality of product is amazing."
"We loved everything that Lindsey did for us. The bridal and wedding pictures turned out so beautifully. Lindsey was great. She was sweet, very personable, and very professional. Lindsey seemed to have had a great imagination when it comes to putting the wedding album together. She used cool pictures as background that still involves my wedding."
--Jessica and Chris

“The photographs are absolutely amazing! I like all of them, (except the ones in which I'm crying). Just kidding, they are all great! Thank you so much! You did a fantastic job! I liked how there were many photos of the family."
--17 November 2007 bride


“We are enjoying our pictures you sent and the cute box they came in! Trying to narrow it down! That's hard!  You are so talented! 
THANK YOU!  I LOVE all of our pics!
Now, I think that everyone wants 2 of each picture! My maid of honor's mother thinks you need to send a few to bridal mags (the one of the girls kissing me, etc...)
Thanks SO much!
P.S. [Our wedding coordinator] is [also] THRILLED with your work!
-- 5 May 2007 bride


“We received the pictures we ordered the other day!  They are beautiful!  We are so excited about them!  Thank you so much for adding in the one of [my flowergirl] and I, that was so sweet! 
--29 September 2006 bride


“Just wanted to let you know everyone absolutely adores the album, including the originality, quality and shots.  I have even had requests from people to see it a second time or show others.  Thanks so much for everything.  Also, the bridal portraits look exceptional.”
--19 May 2007 bride