What should I wear?
This is the most commonly asked question. During our consultation we will help you
choose which background will achieve your desired result.
Whether indoors or outdoors, a basic rule of thumb is to stay away from patterns, text, and logos.  
For outdoor portraits...
With portraits photographed in a park or in the woods, most colors will work as long as they complement your skin tone and coordinate with everyone in the portrait with you. As you coordinate your outfit, you may want to first consider whether you want your portrait to be more formal, with a dressier shirt such as a button-down with dress slacks or a skirt, or if you'd prefer your portrait to be more relaxed and casual with khakis or jeans and a coordinating top.
As you may be sitting on the ground, keep in mind that your socks may peek out of your pants, so be sure to coordinate black to black or khaki to khaki.
For studio portraits...
If you chose our classic white or beige backgrounds: whites, pastels with either khakis or jeans work well. In general, having your legs and arms covered completely is flattering. 
Use the same principal for darker backgrounds. The clothing should be in the darker tones, allowing your face to become the center of attention.
We love our fine-art black-and-whites with our black background.
For the black background, we recommend black tops with either black or grey pants or with jeans.
We will be happy to sit down with you in a consultation prior to your scheduled sitting to help you with coordinating backgrounds and clothing.
We want your portrait to be a piece of art that you will treasure forever.
Preparing for Your Portrait Session...
Please take a moment to review these tips to help make the most of your portrait session.
Clothes, Glasses and Props:
~Avoid bold and busy patterns - solid or very subtle patterns are preferable.
~Logos and graphics are never advisable. 
~Long-sleeved shirts and dresses are preferred, rather than short-sleeved outfits.
~Please be sure to iron! Wrinkles do show up in portraits.
~Please bring a lint-roller if you’re wearing darker clothing.
~Some poses may include your full body, so coordinate your outfit (remembering not only your shoes but your socks may show!).
~Remove the lenses from your glasses prior to your portrait session to eliminate reflections.
~We recommend dressing in a way that you'll appreciate displaying 30 years down the road.
~Personalize your portraits by including props that reflect your interests.
Hair and Skin:
~Avoid sunburns and tan lines ... avoid over-exposure to the sun or wind.
~If you plan for a haircut or color, do it at least one week before your portrait session.
~Keep your make-up natural and fresh (bring your make-up to your portrait session for touch-ups).
~Nails should be manicured to your liking.
~Men:  consider whether you want a clean-shaven look or a groomed five-o’clock shadow.  Either way, be sure it appears to be deliberate.
And Finally:
~Get a good night of sleep, arrive about five minutes prior to your appointment, and plan on having fun at your portrait session!




What to Wear...